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                About Us

                Aout Us

                Ningbo love ju yi environmental protection technology co., LTD., is a home to focus on innovative technology companies in the field of kitchen waste environmental protection equipment. Co er boulder kitchen waste processor, to stop, to oil, does not return smelly as the main characteristics, through innovative since the charging technology, the pure plant extract injection automatic aseptic solution smash in the kitchen waste, sterilization and more residual garbage can avoid corruption caused by return smelly, aseptic liquid can break down grease in waste more, avoid congestion, grease to the processor and pipe not only guarantee domestic pipeline unobstructed, long-term use can clean building more public sewers, improve the overall water environment.
                Business philosophy£º

                Continuous innovation, grasp the frontier, < br > create high-quality goods.

                Service concept£º

                Honest, beyond your needs; The whole heart service, to provide you with more.

                Corporate mission£º

                Carry forward the spirit of originality, the pursuit of perfect quality, for each family to provide a better living environment.

                Enterprise vision£º

                To create the world's leading unifinication of eat hutch waste solution provider, create no waste household environment.

                Core values£º

                Continuous innovation, pay attention to quality, focus on individual, everything with customers as the center.