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                Product Advantage

                Product Advantage

                Humanized splash cover

                Multiple anti-shock measures, three point design more wear-resistant heat-resistant, high mechanical strength. While working to prevent splashing out garbage.

                Double tube tie-in

                Equipped with wash bowl of pipe and sewage pipe interface, any style is tie-in, as manual.

                Double mute flame retardant shell

                Toughened ABS engineering mute grinding chamber shell built-in sound cotton, give you a quiet and comfortable kitchen environment.

                Overload protection

                If the load is too large, in use process reset button will automatically pop up, protect the motor.

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                About Us

                About Us

                Business philosophy:

                Continuous innovation, grasp the frontier, to create high-quality goods.

                Service concept:

                Honest, beyond your needs; The whole heart service, to provide you with more.

                Corporate mission:

                Carry forward the spirit of originality, the pursuit of perfect quality, for each family to provide a better living environment.

                Enterprise vision:

                To create the world's leading unifinication of eat hutch waste solution provider, create no waste household environment.

                Core values:

                Continuous innovation, pay attention to quality, focus on individual, everything with customers as the center.

                Any questions feel free to contact us

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